Buffalo Cam – How To Dress For Work in a Cubicle

What to Wear In and Out of the Cubicle


Sometimes life in the cubicle can be dull and uneventful, fortunately, that part of your life ends the minute you clock out. But while working 9 to 5 might be a total drag, it makes a huge difference if you don’t dress like it too. Not only that, a little color just might be what you need to add a little spring in your step.


  • Blouses and tops – Instead of going for the obvious crisp white or black blouse, try your hand at pastel colored blouses. In fact, unless you’ve had a bad experience with bold colors, you shouldn’t leave them out. A bold colored blouse paired with a leather pencil skirt can easily take you from the four corners of your cubicle to a nice romantic dinner. Maybe you haven’t thought about it but women can also add a nice little cute pair of cufflinks to jazz up their outfit quickly.


  • For your skirts – As mentioned earlier, a leather skirt would be totally rocker chic for casual Fridays; however, it’s not something you would wear 5 days a week. Another option is skirts with sequins and embroideries on them. But if you’re looking for something that’s not too daring, you can start with more subtle changes. Instead of the usual black pencil skirt, pick a lighter hue like white or brown.


  • The dress – The dress is a smart and sophisticated choice of office wear that clearly demands attention and respect. A little black dress has always been a classic and timeless piece. When you’re not in an LBD, how about the LRD a.k.a. little red dress? It’s a sultry color but with proper tailoring, it would look just as office-appropriate. If you’re thinking about rocking the red dress, make sure to play it down with black accessories.


  • Shoes, shoes, shoes – Ever since grade school and uniforms, black shoes have always been associated with certain places like an offices or schools. But since you’re not in grade school anymore, you can definitely ditch the black pumps for a stylish pair of white patent leather pumps with jewel accents. If you think that’s too bridal, you can also opt for pumps that have a pastel metallic shades. The trick is to try it on for size, once you’re comfortable with rocking some glammed-up shoes, you’ll be able to experiment with bold colors (red, anyone?) and wild prints (leopard, stripes, floral, and even polka dots).


  • Cold weather jackets – If you’re comfortable with dressing head-to-toe in black, a bold colored jacket can ease the harshness of your outfit. The contrast in your outfit also provides a great way for your jacket to be the focal point in your wardrobe.


While it’s not necessary to change everything in your usual office get-up, it helps to upgrade some of the pieces for a fresher look. Who knows, maybe with all these fun new ways of dressing up, working won’t feel too much like a drag.